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Memberships for the 2018  year will be available at the AGM.  Membership forms  are to be directed to Sarah Reaume only.  Membership forms WILL NOT be accepted with entries to competitions.   Membership forms sent with entries will not be processed.


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  • To foster and encourage interest and participation in dressage riding as a sport through ongoing rider workshops, awards, programs and education. To raise funds by way of donations and dues for educational purposes and otherwise enhance awareness of our sport in Essex County

Dates for 2018 Dressage Competitions

May 6                     Entries due April 27   (rain date June 17)

June 3                     Entries due  May 25  

June 17                   Entries due June 8 (rain date)

July 29                    Entries due July20

August 12               Entries due August 3

September 16         Entries due September 7

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Unfortunately due to the heavy rainfall in the past few days, we can no longer run the May 6, 2018 competition.  The grounds and the ring are too wet to dry by Sunday.  Safety for the riders and horses is first and foremost and secondly we need to respect the integrity of WETRA grounds.  We will be offering the competition rain date of June 17, 2018.  Your entry will be honored at this rain date competition or any of the future competitions shown above.   Please email which date you would like to use your entry for and any further questions can be sent to

Be A Part Of A Team!

Team Challenge will be offered again this year!