The Jockey Club will be sponsoring the following awards at the 5 Windsor-Essex CADORA organized shows this year.  Only Thoroughbreds that have been registered with The Jockey Club or a foreign Thoroughbred stud book recognized by The Jockey Club are eligible to participate in T.I.P. classes and awards.  Riders and owners should obtain a T.I.P. number for all horse/rider combinations. T.I.P. number applications are done online at www.tjctip.comT.I.P. numbers and a copy of the T.I.P. I.D. must be provided to the Show Coordinator before showing to be eligible for awards.  The T.I.P. I.D. must have the First show date to be eligible.

  • High Point Awards – For each High Point Award (except as set forth below), a high point ribbon will be provided. Prizes will be provided for (1) the overall high point Thoroughbred at each show and (2) for each division as a series ending award.
  • For Young Thoroughbred Awards – For each of these awards, a neck sash will be provided for the highest placing Thoroughbred meeting the criteria.

Freestyle Dressage High Point ScoreThoroughbred

High Score Dressage Thoroughbred Award (Overall)

Dressage High Point Young Thoroughbred Award 
High Point Dressage Thoroughbred Award (Overall)

Western Dressage High Point Thoroughbred Award 

Young Dressage High Point Thoroughbred Award


The Jockey Club created the Thoroughbred Incentive Program (T.I.P.)to encourage the retraining of Thoroughbreds into other disciplines upon completion of careers in racing or breeding. T.I.P. offers sponsorship for Thoroughbred-only classes and divisions, high point Thoroughbred awards at open horse shows and competitions, year end Performance Awards, a Thoroughbred of the Year Award and a Young Rider of the Year Award.

From the first T.I.P. event at Red Hills International Horse Trial in Florida on March 8, 2012 through the end of 2015, there were more than 1,700 horse shows and events with T.I.P. classes or awards held in 44 states and Canadian provinces. More than 17,000 eligible Thoroughbreds participated in these shows and events, competing for thousands of ribbons, hundreds of prizes and thousands of dollars in prize money simply for being a registered Thoroughbred. In 2016, an additional 850 sponsored horse shows will be offering awards for Thoroughbreds in 42 states and a Canadian province and in virtually every imaginable discipline.

  • The Jockey Club T.I.P. Young High Point Thoroughbred Award will be given to the highest placing Thoroughbred at the competition (regardless of division) that is in its first or second year of showing. It is the responsibility of the owner/rider to provide the show with the horse’s first show date; if they do not know, then the horse is not eligible. 'First Show Date' is the horse’s first show EVER, not the first show with this rider or the first T.I.P. show. First show dates should be written on the T.I.P. Number Card. A sash will be provided for the winning horse.
  • The Jockey Club T.I.P. High Score Thoroughbred Award will be given to the highest scoring Thoroughbred at the competition (regardless of division). A sash will be provided for the winning horse.